Requirements-driven design in the Automotive Industry – Model Based Matters ep. 2

By Nick Finberg
Requirements-Driven Design in the Automotive Industry:

Requirements-driven design makes it easier to align the product design efforts with the expectations of the end product. Models created from this approach can be efficiently decomposed to allow for collaboration across the engineering departments, the entire business and the supply chain. It is a part of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) that makes it possible to optimize the product by using simulation before the physical product is manufactured.

I am today’s moderator, Nicholas Finberg of Siemens Global Marketing, and I’m joined by Tim Kinman, Vice President of Trending Solutions and Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization at Siemens Digital Industries Software. We are also joined by Ryan Wilkins and Tony Komar, two experts who’ll also be contributing to this important topic. They’ll help us understand requirements-driven design and the functional definition in model-based systems engineering.

In this episode, you’ll find out what requirements-driven design entails and its application in the automotive industry. We’ll discuss the importance of supplier collaboration and the role it plays in the product development process. Lastly, you’ll learn how agile development complements the goals of MBSE.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The meaning of requirements-driven design (00:41)
  • How agile development complements MBSE (03:21)
  • How to define functions in MBSE (12:39)
  • The importance of simulation in MBSE (16:30)
  • The importance of supplier collaboration in the early stages of product development (21:20)
Tim Kinman

Tim Kinman

Vice President of Trending Solutions and Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tony Komar

Tony Komar

Siemens PLM MBSE Evangelist

Ryan Wilkins

Ryan Wilkins

Solutions Consultant at Siemens Digital Industry Software

Nick Finberg

Nick Finberg

Writer, Global Marketing for Siemens Digital Industries Software

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