How IoT is paving a path for the next generation – Future-proof with the IoT ep. 2

Employees collaborating on closed loop analytics for the shop floor

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, companies know that in order to remain competitive, they need to increase labor and machine productivity, but also simultaneously find a way to reduce costs. This expansion of low-cost competition is a big ask, but thankfully, technology is answering that call. 

There’s also the issue of an aging workforce and impending retirement of knowledgeable, dedicated employees. We’re expecting a mass exodus of machine workers in the coming years, and with that exodus, knowledge walks out the door with it. However, IoT technology has the potential to close the information gap. Digital collaboration could be the answer manufacturing has been waiting for.

In today’s episode of Future-proof with the IoT, Jörg Ludwig is joined again by Heiko Dickas, team leader of the digitalization team, and Sebastian Oeder, the head of the production unit main motors, both from Siemens Bad Neustadt, an electric motor factory in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. Also returning are Portfolio Development Manager, Colm Gavin, and Head of PreSales and Solution Design, Matthias Lutz.

They’ll continue discussing the trends hammering productivity in manufacturing now, and before the COVID pandemic arrived, adding additional complexities to the way we work. They’ll talk about the growing competition among low-cost manufacturers, the impending issue of worker shortage that’s certainly high on the minds of companies as a generation enters retirement, and how IoT might be able to help preserve a lot of that potentially lost knowledge when the time comes to welcome the next generation into the workforce. 

Some Questions Asked:

  • Are hyperautomation and other technologies the key against the low-cost competition? (1:37)
  • Is there a sector with high competition of low-cost providers? (4:22)
  • How are companies expecting to fill the employee and skill shortage? (6:22)
  • What has been a hurdle to adopting a new factory workflow? (10:52)

What You Will Learn:

  • The differentiators for machine builders against low-cost manufacturers (2:11)
  • How IoT helps machine builders get closer to customers (3:37)
  • How IoT can help companies retain tribal knowledge (7:35)
  • Digital use cases for the next generation (9:39)

Jörg Ludwig - Host

Jörg Ludwig – Host

Since 2018, Jörg has been in the sales enablement team for MindSphere and since October 2020 also for Mendix, globally responsible for the creation of learning paths, enablement sessions, and value selling trainings and workshops.

Prior to Siemens, Jörg ran his own business as a Value Selling trainer and coach for more than 7 years. He gained Sales experience and expertise from over 16 years in global Software Sales organizations.

Heiko Dickas - Guest

Heiko Dickas – Guest

Heiko has been the Team Leader of the digitalization team since the beginning of 2017 in the Bad Neustadt motor factory. His scope is being an enabler for the production unit in terms of digitalization. Heiko has been with Siemens for more than 30 years in different functions.

Colm Gavin - Guest

Colm Gavin – Guest

With over 20 years of experience in the Siemens Digital Factory, Colm works on business development for digitalization topics as they pertain to Siemens SW and Factory Automation, specifically virtual commissioning, Industrial IoT, Industrial Edge and AI topics.

Matthias Lutz - Guest

Matthias Lutz – Guest

Matthias joined Siemens 14 years ago, starting in supply chain and procurement department. In 2015, he moved to the industrial customer service organization, focusing on Industrial IoT and digital services.

Sebastian Oeder - Guest

Sebastian Oeder – Guest

Sebastian is Head of the production unit main motors in the Bad Neustadt motor factory. He has a background as a production manager at Siemens Energy and as a consultant at Siemens Corporate Technology.

Digital Transformation Podcast

Digital Transformation Podcast

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