Parasolid Communicator chosen by Verashape for 3D Printer Software

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parasolid 3D printer verashape.jpgVerashape has become one of the latest companies in Additive Manufacturing to embrace Parasolid.

The company supplies the VSHAPER line of 3D printers which are used across numerous industries including automotive, aerospace and medical.

Verashape’s R&D department is developing software for enhancing 3D printing using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. In this process a filament of solid material is continuously fed through a moving extruder head, which heats the material before fusing it with the work piece.

In addition to generating numerical control code for the 3D printer, Verashape’s new software helps the user to optimize models for 3D printing and verify the printing parameters. The user is guided to determine appropriate settings for print speed, temperature, layer height, wall thickness, etc. and to make decisions regarding printing support structures. The software is being designed to support a wide range of 3D printers.

parasolid 3d printing verashape.jpgLoading material for Fused Filament Fabrication

Verashape chose Parasolid Communicator to assist with the import and preparation of models for 3D printing. Parasolid Communicator enables software applications to leverage the Parasolid XT data format. This leading format for representing accurate 3D product data is used by more than 350 software applications. By integrating Parasolid Communicator, Verashape will enhance data interoperability with the broad range of software applications that create models destined for 3D printing.

Verashape will soon begin conducting beta tests of the software, engaging industrial companies using VSHAPER Printers in their everyday work. For more information about Verashape and Parasolid data exchange, please use the links below:


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    Update: Versahape has now launched its 3D printer software Beta program. The solution is called SOFTSHAPER 2018 and is designed to be compatible with any 3D printer.


    Candidates interested in Beta testing can register their interest at


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