KineoWorks Interact Version 8.0 Highlights

By Etienne Ferre

KineoWorks Interact enables you to build a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your new Kineo application quickly and easily. It provides tools for implementing 3D visualization, user-interaction, data import/export, and other application features with the minimum of coding. New features released since version 7.0 include :

New model editing and display tools

KineoWorks Interact provides standard tools (menus, buttons, etc.) for opening, drawing, editing and saving the content of a Kineo simulation, such as the geometry of the robot and it’s environment, the system’s kinematics, path/trajectory data and power/control cable configurations. For example, there are factory-supplied controls for building and displaying your robot and then computing a collision-free path. The extensive list of controls has been extended since version 7.0 with new interaction tools, including :

Object positioning : new controls make it possible to interactively reposition a robot TCP (Tool Centre Point) to a target object, surface location or a construction element, while automatically taking account of the device kinematics. In addition, TCP motion has been enhanced in general to make manipulation more intuitive for the user.

Cable simulation : it’s now possible to display cable attachment points that are used to guide the path of electrical/pneumatic cables. This is illustrated in the following video, where KineoWorks Interact is used to develop a cable simulation quickly and easily.

Higher performance assembly drawing

Assembly drawing performance has been substantially improved with OpenGL. For full feature support and optimum performance, we recommend using OpenGL version 4.3 with KineoWorks Interact.

Geometry Scaling

It’s now possible to apply a non-uniform scale (independent magnitudes in X, Y and Z axes) to polyhedrons, point data and wireframes, without duplication of the geometric entities (points / triangles)

Data Exchange

KineoWorks Interact enables you to import geometry from a range of standard file formats including JT, STEP, V5, OBJ, 3MF and FBX. Version 8.0 has been updated to support the latest version of the PLMXML data format.

Support for new platforms

KineoWorks Interact is now available for Debian Linux platforms. Supported versions include Debian 10 “Buster” and Debian 9 “Stretch”.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has been newly added as a supported development environment.

Further information

Please contact the author for further information about KineoWorks Interact version 8.

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