D-Cubed 3D DCM Version 56.0

By JonR

Key enhancements introduced in version 56.0 of D-Cubed 3D DCM (3D Dimensional Constraint Manager) are described below.

Enhanced Partitioning

3D DCM is able to identify groups of geometries in a model, called partitions. Changes to the dimensions on the geometries in a partition do not affect the geometries in other partitions. This allows partitions to be processed independently, improving the performance of some operations. Although not all models can be partitioned, the improvements can be particularly beneficial for some large models.

Partitioning capabilities were present in the previous release but in version 56 the range of operations that can take advantage of partitioning has been extended.

Generating Sweep Surfaces from Spline Curves

3D DCM supports a wide range of geometry types, including sweep surfaces generated from an application’s parametric curves and from 3D DCM’s own internal spline definitions. This release enables applications to generate a sweep surface using an existing 3D DCM spline.

D-Cubed 3D DCM swept spline surface

Sweep surface generated from DCM spline curve

About D-Cubed 3D DCM

D-Cubed 3D DCM (3D Dimensional Constraint Manager) is a geometric constraint solving software component. Supporting a wide range of geometries, dimensions and constraints, 3D DCM enables 3D parametric sketching, part shape control using direct modelling, assembly part positioning and kinematic motion simulation.

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