Allplan 2016 highlights growing appeal of Parasolid in AEC

By JonR

Parasolid Allplan 250x180.jpgParasolid has strengthened its foothold in Architecture, Engineering and Construction with the release of Parasolid in Allplan 2016.

Allplan is one of the leading vendors of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for architects and engineers. The growing appeal for Parasolid as a geometric modeling foundation in AEC is being driven by numerous trends – a closer look at Allplan highlights just a couple of these.

Allplan’s selection of Parasolid has been inspired mainly by the increasing adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM). For architects, the design of buildings with freeform and organic shapes is now commonplace. Engineers are dealing routinely with civil structures like bridges, tunnels or dams that feature double curvature and varying cross sections. Parasolid enables Allplan users to create sculpted shapes easily using lofts, rail sweeps, extrusions and similar functions and to integrate these complex shapes into the design process – watch this in Allplan 2016.

More demanding AEC project cycle time and cost pressures require Allplan to keep a constant eye on improving design efficiency. The increased precision and performance that Parasolid brings to Allplan means that 3D bodies are simple to create and modify with higher performance Boolean operations and other 3D modeling processes. Higher precision and performance has also improved the speed and quality of model visualization for Allplan customers.

Parasolid Allplan Modelilng 595x325.jpgNew Parasolid-based modeling functionality in Allplan 2016

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