Sustaira expands to APAC to address growing ESG demand

By Maggie Burnham

Earlier this month, Boston-based Siemens partner Sustaira announced its expansion to the Asia Pacific region with Singapore-based ESG-MD Ventures, co-founded by former Siemens APAC executive Vincent Lim and the regional ESG and Sustainability expert, a former Dentsu and Accenture Executive Rachel Ooi.

The expansion gives Sustaira a local presence in Singapore as the strategic Sustainability Innovation Hub in Asia Pacific, enabling the acceleration of ESG and Sustainability initiatives for the region and the world. ESG-MD Ventures, as Sustaira’s APAC distributor, will play an instrumental role for Sustaira to address the ESG challenges and opportunities across the globe. In collaboration with key partners in the sustainability and digital ecosystem, ESG-MD Ventures provides credible and trusted expertise on ESG relevant sectors with established best practices including advisory, solutioning and ESG academy services to enable ESG transformations.

“It’s very exciting that we’re already seeing significant interest in Sustaira’s ESG and Sustainability software from the APAC region.”

Vincent de la Mar, Sustaira founder

This announcement comes shortly after several APAC enterprises embraced the Sustaira platform, including Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) out of the Philippines. Sustaira is rapidly expanding the adoption of its ESG and Sustainability software to help organizations address the core challenges organizations are facing when advancing their ESG and Sustainability journey.

Managing sustainability & ESG with agile, customizable solutions

Sustaira's Sustainability Circle
Sustaira’s Sustainability Circle illustrates how its Sustainability and ESG application platform works with internal and external data sources.

Challenges include siloed sustainability data, inefficient ESG reporting and difficulties turning insights into actions, all of which affect many parts of an organization and require cross-functional collaboration. According to PWC, the APAC region has seen an increase in global emissions from 35 percent in 2010 to 39 percent in 2019, making the region crucial to achieving global sustainability goals. To stay competitive and address the core challenges around ESG, organizations must adopt agile and customizable solutions that enable real-time insights, actions, tracking, and transparency in the supply chain and product lifecycle. Sustaira’s expansion presents growth opportunities for organizations seeking to manage ESG risks and capitalize on the emerging ESG market.

One of the first APAC corporations leveraging Sustaira’s ESG platform and Carbon Accounting application is Transnational Diversified Group (TDG). TDG adopted Sustaira using a super tenant within a multi-tenant model, which allows ESG transparency from a corporate view, as well as views for all thirty of their subsidiaries and associated locations. Leveraging the Sustaira Carbon Accounting app template TDG gets a clear understanding of the entire organization’s emissions with the ability to explore more granularly at each location.

Bringing vast sustainability experience to APAC

Both co-founders, Vincent Lim and Rachel Ooi, have extensive network and experience within the Digital and Sustainability domains for the past two decades, respectively. Sustaira’s local presence in the Asia Pacific region allows for tailored Sustainability and ESG solutions based on an intimate understanding of specific needs. Sustaira’s strong partnership with global Fortune 500 organization, Siemens, and their leading low code platform, Mendix, allows for flexible customization options and seamless integration capabilities, enabling organizations to adjust to future stakeholder requirements and policy changes. Vincent de la Mar comments:

“It’s very exciting that we’re already seeing significant interest in Sustaira’s ESG and Sustainability software from the APAC region,” Sustaira founder Vincent de la Mar said. “With our first APAC customers, we’re now doubling down on our commitment to accelerate growth through strategic partnerships. Via close collaboration, we offer organizations locally a unique value proposition of low-code Sustainability and ESG app building blocks, providing the agility every organization is looking for in this highly dynamic domain, pressured by ESG disclosure mandates and stakeholder’s transparency demands.”

For those interested in learning more about this partnership and Sustaira’s ESG app portfolio and app delivery services, please visit If you would like to explore the platform at no cost, sign up through this link:

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