What’s new in Opcenter Execution Pharma version 2305

By Alessandro Cereseto

Using the Operator Cockpit app to execute manufacturing operations via a web client

We are excited to announce that the latest Opcenter Execution Pharma version 2305 has been released!

Manufacturers using Opcenter EX PH in the life sciences industries can accelerate time-to-market, reduce compliance costs, and improve quality and productivity. Additionally, using Opcenter EX PH can help companies maximize the efficiency of all resources by providing user guidance for equipment allocation and operating procedures.

Further, users can control and track all operations in every production execution stage, whether human or automated. Users can also review product batch records by exception to provide faster and more efficient product releases.

Powered by an advanced workflow engine and easy-to-use electronic work instructions (EWIs), you can use Opcenter EX PH to direct manufacturing while recording and centralizing everything required for a completed batch record. This capability enables release by exception. Further, managing master batch records (MBRs) facilitates the key process parameters.

Some Opcenter Execution Pharma 2305 enhancements:

  • Introduce the Operator Cockpit web app
  • Equipment logbook review enforcement
  • Integrated generic Event PI for SIMATIC BATCH
  • Extended features supported with PG database
  • Advanced archiving capabilities
  • Extended feature support using PostgreSQL database

Benefits of Opcenter Execution Pharma 2305:

  • Use the Operator Cockpit to execute manufacturing operations via a web client
  • Reduce paper usage until all processes can be handled electronically
  • Reduce development effort and risk by integrating MES and DCS
  • Standardize and harmonize processes and facilitate implementation across sites
  • Create batch-relevant information reviews faster and safer
  • Improve equipment logbook entry

Already using the Opcenter Execution Pharma? See what’s new in version 2305.

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