What’s new in Opcenter Execution Pharma version 2405

By Alessandro Cereseto

Evolving Mendix role-based modules and expanding a rich catalog of manufacturing capabilities

We are excited to announce that the latest Opcenter Execution Pharma version 2405 has been released!

Using Opcenter EX PH enables manufacturers to reliably acquire critical process data. Additionally, users can forward and backward search using the genealogy and audit trail tools and review product batch records by exception to provide faster and more efficient product releases.

This significantly reduces the manufacturing review and release times and facilitates a faster time-to-market. Opcenter EX PH 2405 includes several enhancements, delivers new OOTB features, eases the engineering requirements and reduces the total cost of operation (TCO) of a customer’s system.

Equipment logbook and interoperability scenarios

The equipment logbook app centralizes equipment events in one place with an easy way to create, correct, review and export logbook entries. The application is accessible via a web portal designed to support desktop and tablet devices.

We built this new OOTB feature based on a microservice software architecture design pattern, encapsulating its own user interface (UI) and database. With this, the equipment logbook can also be used easily where Opcenter EX PH is not yet deployed, quickly providing value for the user community at a low cost.

Some Opcenter Execution Pharma 2405 enhancements:

  • Equipment logbook app and Opcenter EX PH OOTB interoperability
  • Seamless navigation between the equipment logbook app and operator cockpit
  • Support equipment’s decommissioning in equipment logbook app
  • Operator cockpit extension with new packaged business capabilities: equipment transfer and equipment move
  • Operator cockpit task filtering and performance enhancements
  • Ad-hoc process triggering

Benefits of Opcenter Execution Pharma 2405:

  • Use a web client via the operator cockpit and equipment logbook to execute manufacturing operations
  • Configure native interoperability between the operator cockpit and the equipment logbook app
  • Use ad-hoc processes triggered by external events for easy process design
  • Reduce development effort and risk by using installation simplification and a new .NET SDK to implement tasks
  • Integrate easily with an external system supporting the publish and subscribe mechanism using the NATS client
  • Supports the latest Windows Server 2022

Already using the Opcenter Execution Pharma? See what’s new in version 2405.

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Opcenter Execution Pharma provides advanced features for designing, streamlining and managing production operations and processes – both manual and automated – via seamless integration between the MES, automation and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

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