Video: integration of digital solutions on the shopfloor for optimized chemical manufacturing

By Alessandro Cereseto

Part of the daily business in the chemical industry is facing new challenges and dealing with them: increasing cost pressure, maintaining a high-quality standard and beating the international competition are some of the main challenges. Overcoming these difficulties is not an easy task in the manufacturing site.

Step by step optimization in the plant

To get started with optimizing the manufacturing process one should not look further than order management. Scheduling particularly can be modified to maximize efficiency by planning campaigns in order to prevent unnecessary start-up of the production lines and reduce resulting waste.

Integration of digital solutions in scheduling accelerates the transformation process and makes planning regarding availability of assets, flexibility and shipping dates more efficient. Combined with digital solutions in operations, quality and logistics the holistic transformation of the plant prepares the chemical manufacturers for the challenges ahead.

Watch the video to understand how Siemens’ software increases efficiency in chemical manufacturing while creating the fundament for a holistic digital transformation.

Take full advantage of the digital transformation

Embracing digital solutions benefit other areas of the manufacturing site as well. Standardization in manufacturing, creating transparency for employees & customers and simplifying complicated processes in research and development – the digital transformation bears opportunities and potential that are yet to be fully utilized by chemical manufacturers. Contact us if you’d like to learn more!

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