MES as a Core Innovation Target

By Alessandro Cereseto

A manufacturing execution system (MES) cannot be an afterthought; rather, it must be a core piece of factory innovation programs.

In this Analyst Connection report, Lorenzo Veronesi, Associate Research Director at IDC Manufacturing Insights, answers questions on MES and its benefits.

As manufacturers across the globe, enterprise or small and medium businesses, are adopting a digital transformation strategy to accelerate decision velocity, they struggle with some key decisions as it relates to the use and expansion of their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): Integration with other key applications, 100% cloud or hybrid, isolated or part of a comprehensive digital twin, etc. In this report, Veronesi addresses these issues and more.

Siemens offers Opcenter, a holistic Manufacturing Execution System and part of its Xcelerator software portfolio, that enables complete digitalization of manufacturing operations.

Opcenter provides end-to-end visibility and control of production, allowing decision-makers, from small to major enterprises, to readily identify areas of improvement in production and the adjacent areas of product development and supply logistics, and to take the necessary action for more efficient and agile production.

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