Mendix low-code for MES personalization empowers your production team

By Alessandro Cereseto

Looking to create more personalized operations in a faster and more convenient way?

In the race toward better, faster, cheaper manufacturing, a new paradigm has emerged. Rather than having the production team adapt to new technologies, manufacturing companies today are seeking powerful technologies that adapt to the needs of their team. A manufacturing execution system (MES) that offers rich functionality and a flexible user experience promises to bring an entirely new level of agility and productivity to your shop floor.

With the advent of low-code, multi-experience development platforms, a new option has been pioneered – one while also enabling manufacturers to maximize the quality and productivity benefits of a modern, powerful and flexible MES. A functionally rich MES, tailored to your industry and also embedded with low-code capabilities, empowers your entire team with an adaptive solution that achieves entirely new levels of agility and flexibility.

This adaptable MES combines Opcenter™ Execution Discrete software and Opcenter Execution Process software with the Mendix™ low-code platform. All three products are part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software, hardware and services.

Siemens collaborated with numerous MES customers from a variety of process and complex discrete industries to develop this solution. These customers conveyed their growing need to accelerate customization of user experiences and workflows while maintaining the core mission-critical MES.

Introducing low-code personalization for Opcenter Execution Foundation with Mendix embedded, two Siemens solutions join forces, allowing manufacturers to create user experiences more fitting to their business processes and specific industry needs.

This way, they can take ownership of the UI personalization and co-creation, in a fast and agile manner. Additionally, the reduction of implementation and maintenance costs allows to focus on continuous process innovation.

Download the White Paper and discover the advantages and applications of an innovative MOM tailored for your industry needs.

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