We’re giving away 22 copies of The CNC Handbook!

Congratulations to our 22 winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in our CNC Handbook giveaway! To learn more about our manufacturing solutions, visit siemens.com/nx-manufacturing or try our free 30 day trial for NX CAM.

  • Michel Gendron
  • Terry Goble
  • Justin Hearons
  • Tim Hedlund
  • Joe Hourihan
  • Dan Keeney
  • Stefan Kloos
  • Michael Krader
  • Mike Maxwell
  • Timothy McCallum
  • Mark McGinn
  • Wayne Meyer
  • Sean Murray
  • Greg Opalinski
  • Eddie Pieszchala
  • Paul Rosner
  • Jerry Spevak
  • Ron Stock
  • Krystal Straley
  • J.R. Tubb
  • Vincent Viou
  • Brandon Wilen

Enter our holiday giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of The CNC Handbook. We have 22 copies to give to 22 lucky manufacturers to ring in 2022. Our hope is this will inspire the winners – and manufacturers everywhere – to make this a year of great success using advanced digital technologies to solve manufacturing challenges. The solutions are proven, accessible, flexible and scalable, so let’s boost productivity in the new year!

The drawing will be held on February 8, 2022. You can read the Giveaway Rules to for additional details.

Learn about CNC technology to boost your productivity

Manufacturing companies of all sizes achieve greater automation, connectivity across the production process and efficient part manufacturing with a working knowledge of CNC technology, the cornerstone of part manufacturing. From high-precision machinery components to critical aerospace parts to life-saving medical devices, the world relies on the parts that you manufacture.

Recent market conditions have challenged many shops to find new ways to boost efficient productivity to both sustain operations and remain competitive in the long term. The more you learn, the more you can empower your company with technologies, such as advanced CAM software, to enable flexibility, precision, efficiency, speed and automation to grow your manufacturing business into the future.

The CNC Handbook is an industry-standard resource

This 700-page volume details everything you need to know for a strong foundation in CNC technology. Updated in 2021, the book is a resource to learn more about the latest in the industry, such as automated CNC programming, advanced machining methods, robotics for process automation, additive manufacturing, and much more.

Image shows pages 128 and 129 of The CNC Handbook with on page text and images related to CNC programming

Use The CNC Handbook to master your manufacturing challenges

Now more than ever, it’s important that you have the tools and resources to leverage advanced digital manufacturing with confidence. The CNC Handbook will give you a strong foundation in the technologies shaping the competitive landscape and powering innovation on an unprecedented scale.

Image shows pages 372 and 373 of The CNC Handbook with on page text and images related to the latest in CNC technology such as robotics for machining and industrial 3D printing

Whether your company is a start-up job shop, an established multinational organization or somewhere within those extremes, you can solve manufacturing challenges with these technologies. You will find the greatest success with strategic, informed and coordinated use of digital solutions for part manufacturing, and the information contained in The CNC Handbook can help guide your decisions along the way.

Enter the giveaway today for a chance to win a free copy!

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