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Render Setup | NX Render Talk Series for Consumer Products | Part Five

Welcome back to the fifth and final instalment of the NX Render Talks series for Consumer Products. We’ll be taking…

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NX What’s new live premiere event – Thursday February 10th 2022

We’re excited to bring you the first ever live launch of NX. We’re continuing to help our customers create the…

Experience versatile assemblies with these 5 updates in latest release

Easy to use and powerful. What else did you expect from NX?

Learn NX Sketch with these new tutorial videos

Become a NX Sketch pro in no time with these 5 new tutorial videos on how to use the updated application.

NEW: December 2021 NX Release Update

An update becomes available to you TODAY. See here for what’s new to the next generation of design inside NX!

The Season of Giving: Product Engineering Software at Freestore Foodbank

The Holiday season of giving is underway and here at Siemens we are doing our part for our local office…

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Cameras | NX Render Talks Series for Consumer Products | Part Four

We’re back with the fourth instalment of the NX Render Talks for Consumer Products series. As always, we will be…

Engineer looking at the new Additive Manufacturing toolset| NX Early Access Program Interview Series

In comes Benedikt Altmann from ToolCraft AG who is interested in the additive manufacturing space. See here for what new tools are coming in the upcoming December release!

NX Consultant in the Energy Industry | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

Ken Walker is a NX Consultant at Siemens Energy. Experienced with NX throughout the years, he lays out what he…