NX Render Talks Marine Industry | Part Three: Lighting and Custom Environments

By Shannon McGinty

We know it’s been a while since we shared our last NX Render Talks for marine (listen here), but we are back now with part three! As always, we are joined again by Shannon McGinty, Marketing Co-ordinator and Gavin McCambridge, Center of Excellence for Visualization Expert where they will be looking at lighting and customizing your environment. This is a huge model, and a big environment so we have split this one into two parts so keep your eye out for the next talk – which actually has Shannon and Gavin chatting in person!

This talk focuses on the lighting set up in NX and how it compliments the detail in the environment to really emphasize the luxury that the Princess Yacht X95 provides.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The stages involved in setting up your environment
  • How to begin creating customized environments in NX
  • Tips and tricks of how to represent luxury through lighting
  • Differences in lighting for interiors vs exteriors
  • Words of advice for NX Render beginners!

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