NX Case Study: Cospa

Developing injection molds gets easier – and faster – with the help of 3D design software.Cospa uses NX to help automate and optimize mold workflows. 


Implement a u……

NX Case Study: JCB

JCB: Delivering the world’s most powerful diesel engine
Following the successful launch of the JCB444 Diesel engine, JCB developed a high-performance version – the world’s most powerful automotive ……

NX Case Study: Molex Chengdu

NX CAD chosen as the foundation platform for product development
“In facing increasingly difficult technical development and consumer demand, we needed to improve productivity, reduce costs and inn……

NX Helmet Design Study with NX 9 Realize Shape

A few weeks ago, we provided an introduction to the new Realize Shape tools in NX.

Introduction to Realize Shape, and Realize Shape, Putting the tools together.


NX Case Study – Award-winning vehicle manufacturer cuts cycle time by 80 percent with help of NX

Siemens PLM Software NX solution helps Sanyang engineers focus on creating value


Identify easy-to-operate 3D modeling technology with intuitive interface
Improve ……

NX Case Study – Grupo Matrigalsa

Grupo Matrigalsa uses NX to standardize processes and improve productivity in manufacturing highly complex molds.


Redefine design methodology, reduce turnaro……

NX Case Study – Co.Me.A.


Meet increasing demand from customers to receive 3D models instead of printed drawings
Provide customers with a clear graphical representation of projects

Keys To Success:

NX Case Study – Fabulous designs produced with NX 10 times faster than previous approach

Kataoka Design Studio utilizes seamless solid and surface modeling.


Establish a collaborative process with large customers
Realize efficient and flexible design ……

NX Case Study – Big changes that don’t void the warranty

Luyckx  – All-digital development process based on NX reduces development time for heavy equipment customizations.

Reduce development time for custom-made cranes and exc……