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NX 9 – Flattening and Forming

Derek England of Siemens PLM software explains some of the new enhancements in NX9 for Flattening and Forming.He also gives examples of this can be used for the Aerospace Industry.


Can you do product design without touching your keyboard and mouse?

Here is a follow-up video showing a Touchless interface to NX with a Leap motion controller.

The movie is available on the Siemens PLM Blog.


Exciting times ahead for Nissan

I n  Nissan’sview, the global automotive industry is now engaged in “one of the greatest engineering competitions in history.” Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO and president, writes on the com……

Creating a polymeric belaying device for climbing with NX

Climbing indoors is a popular alternative to traditional outdoor rock, ice and mountain climbing. Having good safety equipment is key to enjoying the sport.

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2D Synchronous Technology in NX: Overlooked Tech of the Year? – Lifecycle Insights

With NX 9 for Design, you can edit 2D geometry with unprecedented speed and ease. Synchronous technology has been extended to enable fast, intuitive editing of 2D profiles.

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NX 9 – Ray Traced Studio

In this video, Patti Longwinter talks about the new Ray Traced Studio functionality in NX 9.

NX 9 Includes new capabilities that support real-time high quality aesthetic review and decisio……

DEVELOP3D Reviews NX 9

DEVELOP3D is a UK based magazine and website that specializes on Product Lifecycle Management.   In a just posted review, Al Dean investigates the updates to NX 9.

In his review,……

Introducing NX 9

Learn more on the NX 9 web page….

The making of an F1 Car – Design and R&D

A formula one car takes five months to design and develop. Over 300 designers, aerodynamicists and machinists worked on creating the RB9.Its purpose to win the 2013 Formula one world champions……