NX What’s new live premiere event – Thursday February 10th 2022

By Jamie Tyler

We’re excited to bring you the first ever live launch of NX. We’re continuing to help our customers create the innovations of tomorrow, today and in the most sustainable way. The event will take place on Thursday 10th February at 16:00 GMT. If you’re interested in updates to NX, this video is for you.

What’s new in Siemens NX launch teaser

During the event, the focus will be on a workflow showing you how to automatically create new parts using the all new NX Topology Optimizer. In addition, we’ll show you how to test and validate your new part before 3D printing and final finishing using CAM.

We’ll be showing you how you can reduce 14 parts down to one part, whilst also reducing its weight. To do this, design engineers need to perform manual tasks to get the job done. NX embraces complexity, increases and helps reduce physical prototypes.

Siemens continues to innovate and reimagine CAD design in a way that truly looks to the future of design.

CIMdata, 2021

How do I achieve this?

Collaborative Design and Management

See how engineers utilizing embedded Active Workspace to provide real time, accurate data at their desktop.

Intelligence Driven Design

NX Topology Optimizer, a new application in this latest release provides engineers with an intelligent design tool that uses functional requirements to determine an optimized structural form.

Mixed Modelling

See how HD3D tools provides visual clarity when validating a design. See how a comprehensive mixed modelling environment powered by Convergent Modelling Technology enables designers to work seamlessly with meshes and precise geometries.

Integrated Structural Validation

Validating designs are fit for purpose is key in delivering quality products. We will explore how integrated structural validation addresses this

Model Based Definition

Document the 3D model to provide more value downstream, enabling better communication with manufacturing

Integrated Part Production

See how to combine a modern additive process with a traditional subtractive one, all whilst referencing the same 3D design

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