NX Join

By William Chanatry

NX’s continuous release model allows cutting-edge CAD tools to be instantly added to NX users’ tool-kits as soon as the new tools are developed and ready for release. The latest update roll-out for NX features a brand-new tool called NX Join, which reduces the time necessary to place and define fasteners and hardware.

NX Join targets users of fasteners in CAD models and enables faster placement of locations and establishes relationships with parent parts, thus providing additional intelligence to the Join features in the model. This latest release includes:

  • Rivet
  • Fastener
  • Spot weld

The features appear in NX’s part navigator and custom attributes can be configured in as needed. NX Join comes with a sample hardware library that can be expanded or linked to a customer’s established hardware libraries. NX Join works in both native and managed mode to ensure that fastener information is available in a form that can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The addition of this new tool helps designers reduce the time necessary to place and define fasteners and hardware, it improves quality of the fastener assembly design, and its integration with other applications ensures a complete solution within the comprehensive NX design ecosystem. Check out the video below to see NX Join in action:

Click to watch the NX Join demonstration

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