Master NX CAD with These Tutorials

By Amy Reyes

Brush up your CAD skills with new videos available online. You can watch the Tips & Techniques videos anytime on the Education Services website. You’ll need a Learning Advantage account to access them. It’s free and takes only a matter of minutes to sign up.

There are plenty of topics to choose from for novice and expert users alike. I’ve compiled this list of some of the most requested topics to get you started.

Contoured Geometry.jpgAdding Text to Contoured Geometry of a Solid Model Using NX
NX 9.0

Learn how to add text as a part number to a contoured face of a model.

  • Use Text command to create text in a 2D plane

  • Project planar Text curves onto a contoured face

  • Use Pull Face command to raise the text from the model’s contoured face

Interpart Expression.jpgInterpart Expression

NX 10.0

Learn how to work with interpart expressions.

  • Edit each component

  • Create a component controlled interpart expression

  • Create an assembly controlled interpart expression

  • Create an assembly override controlled interpart expression

Exploded View.jpgHow to Create, Add and Edit an Exploded View

NX 10.0

Learn how to create and control an exploded view with the NX 10 Ribbon Bar interface.

  • Create and edit an exploded view

  • Create tracelines

  • Enable exploded view at any view

  • Show exploded view in a drawing environment

Edge Blend.jpgApply a Variable Radius Corner Edge Blend

NX 10.0

Learn how to define an Edge Blend with variable radius points.

  • Use the Edge Blend command

  • Define variable radius points

  • Adjust radius points using selection handles

Synchronous Modeling.jpgUsing Synchronous Modeling on Imported Data

NX 10.0

Learn how to use basic Synchronous Modeling on imported STEP files that do not have parametric history.

  • Move, Pull, and Delete Face

  • Resize Face

  • Resize Blend

  • Resize Chamfer

  • Selection Types

  • Selection Methods

Watch the entire NX video series here! More are being added all the time, so check back soon.

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