Free e-Book: Compress Board Systems Design with MCAD-ECAD Collaboration

Download our free e-book to learn about Electrical-Mechanical Collaboration, traditional technology approaches, new innovative approaches, and recommendations for your organization.

Today’s products are undergoing a fundamental change. They are increasingly connected, logging data into the cloud and communicating with other products. They are increasingly smart, reading their own operation and environment in order to react intelligently. Such changes are arising due to a sea change in the product composition, with an ever-growing number of sensors, antennas, embedded systems, and electrical systems.

Learn the many opportunities from innovative embedded software. Compress Board Systems Design with Electrical-Mechanical Collaboration (MCAD-ECAD Design) is one of these opportunities provided from recent innovations.

With this free eBook you will discover:

  • Electrical-Mechanical Collaboration

  • Traditional technology approaches

  • New innovative approaches

  • Recommendations


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