Black Beauty: Nissan’s striking DeltaWing racing car

By JerrySarfati

In the world of motorsports, there could hardly be a more aggressive goal: to develop a highly efficient car that would use half the fuel, half the weight and half the engine power of conventional race cars — and to get it to the starting grid in record time.

The story is recounted in an article from the U.K.-based publication, DEVELOP3D. “Black Beauty: the Making of a Radical Race Car,” describes how the high performance automotive engineering company, RML Group, used NX to develop the Delta Wing for the 2012 Le Mans race, in partnership with Nissan.

Using NX CAD to design all the components, RML employed accurate mass calculations and innovative design approaches to make the car as light as possible. NX simulation helped ensure that the stresses and vibrations all worked despite the lightweight design. From the time the Delta Wing hit the track on its very first test day, it was less than 100 days until the start of Le Mans.

You can visit the RML web site’s newsroom to view some interesting videos about the car and the project.


Source: Develop3D


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