Optimizing CAD cloud workstations with Microsoft Azure and AMD

By Julianne Bass

Let go of traditional ways of working and realize the value of a cloud CAD workstation with NX CAD on Microsoft Azure. This browser based set up enables CAD users to engineer from anywhere, collaborate with their team regardless of location, and easily access their data from any device. With CAD in the cloud, administrators also realize the benefits of peak performance without the complex hardware setup, and can scale up or down their workstations as needed, increasing IT efficiency in a centralized, modern way and lowering overall cost of doing business.

Productivity gains from CAD cloud workstations

In the modern manufacturing world of industry 4.0, cloud CAD workstations are extremely impactful and are helping companies to design and develop products digitally, reducing product development lead times by up to 70% and can increase productivity of parametric design and manufacturing by 41%

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure global network

NX on Microsoft Azure can help users realize these business benefits through the Microsoft global network of 66 regions all over the world, 175,000 + miles of fiber and subsea cables and over 180 edge data sites, this is the largest geographical footprint of any cloud provider operating in 28 countries on all continents.

What is performance like when running CAD in the cloud?

Latency is no longer a barrier to a CAD in the cloud solution. When working from any device users can expect a seamless experience similar to an on-premise workstation but can also have configurations with a more powerful performance based on which CPU GPU package is selected. On any device – enjoy the performance you need to run your workloads with the critical data you need. Be more productive with even more visual real-estate, multiple monitors and up to 4K resolution is also supported. Use cameras, microphones and even 3D mouse to communicate, collaborate and be as productive as possible.  You can make your workspace your own – with no limitations .

Flexibility when working from a CAD cloud workstation

A cloud CAD workstation could make it more flexible than ever to have multiple users – in different functions – sharing a screen or collaboratively working on the same project/product task, pulling from the same centralized data set with other users.

Via a secure, consistent, ease of access to data by parties across the value chain ( e.g. suppliers, contractors, manufacturing engineers) whilst protecting manufacturer’s IP, a cloud CAD workstation opens doors to collaboration like never before;  sharing models, data, and results in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Is my data secure when using CAD in the cloud?

Microsoft also invests heavily in cybersecurity at over $4 billion per year and has obtained over 90 compliance certifications covering regional, industry, U.S. government and global specification. For many worried about security in cloud solutions, data is often more secure in the Azure cloud than it is on premises.  

Is it easy to scale with CAD in the cloud?

CAD cloud workstations modernize IT processes to be efficient as possible.  NX on Azure provides a simpler, consistent and rapid integration of engineering applications into workflows, rather than struggling to integrate apps into on-premises infrastructure. With this simplified processes IT is able to easily scale up or scale down computing resources based on demand without difficulty or major upfront costs.

How cost effective is CAD in the cloud?

Because of a simplified approach to implementation and maintenance, users who leverage a CAD cloud workstation are saving costs at every step along their process. There is no longer a requirement to purchase, upgrade, manage, expensive workstations, everything is now in the cloud. Organizations can reduce capital expenditures on hardware and software, and pay only for the computing resources they need.

CAD in the cloud your way

Using NX CAD on Microsoft Azure gives you the workspace you’ve always wanted, anywhere you want to work with instant access to critical work data, effective remote collaboration, and the ability to have a multi monitor set up and a 3dconnexion mouse, make your workspace your own, with no limitations.

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