Why Oleg Shilovitsky Became an Engineer

By Dora Smith

At Solid Edge University, I got my first live demo of Inforbix (the name meaning information business exchange). As Oleg Shilovitsky showed me the apps, reports, tables and charts, I found similarities with the social media monitoring tools I’ve used the past few years. They monitor the conversation about brands, topics, etc., from various sources and provide simple analysis of the data. Inforbix combs your company’s engineering data like Google. Oleg recently used the verb “expose” in describing the product (see Understanding Your Company Data Landscape).

“Inforbix seamlessly captures data located anywhere in your company, for example, it will expose data about what products are developed, manufactured, and supported.IP and metadata about your products is located in CAD files, Excel spreadsheets and PDM databases.Inforbix captures this meta-data by scanning and indexing all sources of data and connecting them together by inferring relationships where they exist.”

For some companies, it sounds like Inforbix serves as an internal investigator. In Mark’s post, Lasers, World Domination, and Solid Edge Sponsor Inforbix, Oleg said “data can hide, but it can’t out run Inforbix.”

Oleg says launching the product is a little like having a baby. With four kids, he knows a thing or two about that. He was quite proud to show the product’s user map of all the places in the world where folks are using it. If you’ve been plugged into the PLM social media scene over the past few years, you know Oleg well. He was one of the first and still one of the few prolific bloggers addressing the PLM category. He blogs so frequently, I think he has an app for blogging while he sleeps.

Since my focus is now on academic stories, I wanted to find out more about Oleg’s education and career path. Every engineer has a story. Oleg, whose Phd was once a hindrance in finding a job, has quite an interesting one. Here is his story:

What’s your story?

– Dora

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