What’s new in NX 8 Product Design

By JerrySarfati

NX 8 contains over 400 customer focused projects across the entire product.  In product deisgn, some of these include:

  • Modular design NX introduces a modular design capability that simplifies modeling and editing of complex designs, and enables parallel work by  multiple designers.

  • Feature-based modeling A new feature browser provides a visually rich graphic view of features and their relations that helps you to more quickly and intuitively understand design intent and the impacts of design changes.

  • New Patterning. You can now create patterns with a wider selection of layouts that included linear, polygon, along, reference, circular spiral or general options. You can also fill a specified boundary with a pattern feature, create symmetric patterns in linear layout, stagger columns or rows and radiate patterns in circular or polygon layouts.

  • Synchronous modeling The fourth release of NX featuring synchronous technology, NX 8 includes improved synchronous modeling capabilities that improve modeling flexibility and enable evaluation of more design alternatives in less time.

  • Freeform modeling NX 8 enhances freeform design with streamlined workflows and enhanced controls for a wide range curve and surface operations, including edge matching, sweeping, bridge and extension surfaces, variable offsets, curve fitting and alignment, blending and spline editing.

  • Assembly design NX 8 features a constraint navigator that makes it easier to find and work on assembly constraints and resolve issues. Available from the resource bar, the constraint navigator displays configurable columns of information and options that enable you to group constraint information by components, by constraints, and by status.

  • Routed systems design Routing applications in NX 8 help you automate part selection and placement to reduce modeling time. You can automatically select and place parts based on destination characteristics and run definition, with part search criteria based on defined rules and relationships.

  • Sheet metal design Sheet metal design in NX 8 is improved with capabilities for modeling in the context of an assembly. You can now create associative flanges using existing geometry to control the extent and angle of the flange.

  • Re-use The NX Reuse Library, a common platform for all re-usable design elements, has been enhanced with additional library management tools that enable you to add or remove libraries, edit properties, control the visibility and specify which libraries are available to NX applications.

  • Visualization The visualization tools in NX have been enhanced with advanced realtime shading and rendering tools that deliver new levels of realism for aesthetic design review and validation.

  • Drafting NX 8 drafting tools have been enhanced with a set of commands for creating and editing your own custom drawings templates.

  • NX help documentation NX8 features a new look and feel and navigational aids for NX documentation. The new user interface makes it easier to find information and browse contents.

That’s a long list, but I’ve barely scratched the surface.   To get all the details, take a look at What’s New in NX 8 .


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