What’s it all about Tecnomatix?

By Markus Erlmann

This is my first post for Siemens PLM Software. As Ben mentioned in the previous post I will write about digital manufacturing and our Tecnomatix solution. Well, not immediately in this one, but in the next few posts.

I am used to talking to customers and doing presentations about our technology. Getting direct remarks and seeing body language is a great feedback in face-to-face meetings. Since I can’t see you on this blog, I hope to hear comments from you. What questions, comments or issues do you have relative to digitial manufacturing?

I have been in this business more than 15 years and have seen the technology grown from a virtual reality application at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and a research study about programmable logic controller (PLC) simulation. We used Lego bricks for a real model and an online connection to control the Lego model from within the virtual reality environment.

We presented this at the Hanover Fair (if I remember right it was in 1997). But we were too early on the market with this concept, as most of the visitors just said something like “what a nice toy”. But now 10 years later, together with Siemens, we have real solutions.

Outside of work, I am currently renovating an old house from 1962, which is now heated by wood pellets and solar panels instead of oil. It may be far removed from digital manufacturing – but I’m learning lessons you can apply to planning and logistics! You can follow me on Twitter for more updates.

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