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By Dora Smith

As I mentioned in my last post, we held a Siemens Industry Software analyst conference recently. It was a chance to share with the analysts what is happening across the software lines of Siemens Industry Automation. Perhaps more compelling than how we’re integrating and collaborating across software products were the customer use cases that deploy several Siemens software tools. I shared some of the customer soundbites in earlier posts:

Now let me share some of the comments and reports from industry analysts.

Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights video interviewed two Solid Edge customers who presented at the event and provided several updates in these four blog posts:

The Voice of Engineering: Energist’s Transition to Synchronous Technology

The Voice of Engineering: Energist on Selecting Solid Edge

The Voice of Engineering: Lanco on Transitioning to Synchronous Technology

The Voice of Engineering: Lanco on Selecting Solid Edge

Dick Slansky of ARC Advisory Group notes in his report Siemens PLM Delivers on Its Vision of the End-to-End Design/Build Lifecycle:
“Siemens PLM has fulfilled the original promise of the company’s vision for an end-to-end design/build development platform, from concept and design, through manufacturing, to the factory floor operations and automation, utilizing the best of both worlds of Siemens PLM and Siemens IA (Industry Automation). Siemens PLM is clearly on track with its end-to-end PLM vision and realization of the Digital Factory. Moreover, going head-to-head against its competition, Siemens PLM routinely wins new business, which the company attributes to customers that need a very fast ROI. Significantly, some recent wins involve displacing existing installed base, a traditionally difficult task to accomplish in the PLM market…”

Ray Kurland of Technicom,  comments in his Siemens PLM Software firing on all cylinders blog post:
“Many customers spoke about their implementations, perhaps none so eloquently as Amy Gowder, Director of Performance Excellence of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics about their use of SPLMS software on the JSF program. Working with three major variants of the product and 10 international partners companies, they have so far avoided major fit issues as have plagued Airbus and Boeing.” Ray also several new product highlights in his post Siemens uses game design tools to enable top down design.

Kathleen Maher of Jon Peddie Research reported:
“At a recent analyst event (Anton) Huber said that Siemens is delighted with the acquisition of Unigraphics, going so far as to say it’s among the best things Siemens has ever done. Siemens is unique in that it has the factories, plants, and design teams to use its own PLM software and it is deploying Teamcenter throughout the company, and Siemens  has been putting the Tecnomatix manufacturing process management technology to use in its own factories.”

Allan Behrens of Taxal noted several highlights in his blog post report:
“Siemens is seldom overtly aggressive but I had sight of some very bullish positioning and competitive focus…I suspect that Chuck Grindstaff’s appointment as President and CTO will energise the organisation….We all know that customers buy to address the business needs of their organisation and not simply to satiate the technology needs of engineers. The event hosted some good business focused presentations; of particular note were those from executives from The Lockheed Corporation and Proctor and Gamble. Often enthusiasm for technology gets in the way of a great story – I thought that the Siemens’ customers put the value of Siemens’ technology within their own organisations across very eloquently. Velocity/Solid Edge received more airtime…There’s a clear re-acknowledgement of the opportunity in small to mid size businesses.”

So that’s the scoop and outtakes from the analyst event. You can see pictures of the speakers on our Flickr page. Please visit the analysts websites and blogs for more on their industry coverage. Besides those referenced above, Chad shared his view on HD-PLM in this post: Perspectives on Engineering Software: Siemens PLM and the HD Strategy.

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