Volcano - Stuck in Paris!

By MarkBurhop

Those that follow me on twitter know I’ve been traveling in Europe this week. I’ve been off visiting designers and some of their resellers asking what they think of Solid Edge Simulation, what they think we could do better, what they think works well, and what they want in the next version and version after that. Since this is a new product, I’m also trying to build some relationships so that they can get their needs communicated to me well after I’m gone. If you were one of the people I talked to this week, thank you. I know you have busy schedules with work to do and I promise your time spent with me won’t be wasted.

Of course, now that I’m done with all my meetings and presentations, I’m ready to fly home… or am I? My son sent me the first IM about the Volcano in Iceland and it wasn’t long before I started seeing others are now stranded in Europe. This morning I got word that my flight is canceled. I also see that the COFES conference is the US has a few international travelers (I hope you have a good extra stay in the US grin )

Eating dinner last night, I overheard many conversations from travelers trying to rent cars or get places on the trains. It is proving difficult. I’m keeping track of a few Siemens PLM colleagues also stuck in Europe or others trying to get here. It’s very stressful for a lot of people and I really feel bad for those traveling with children. So, in my case getting “stuck” in Paris for the weekend after a very good week meeting with designers is nothing I can complain about.

If anyone wants to talk about Solid Edge Simulation or social media, catch me here It seems I’ll have some free time grin

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