Velocity Presentation at PLM Connection

By MarkBurhop


It is Tuesday morning and my first stop is the “Velocity Series Overview” being hosted by Bill McClure, the VP of Velocity series. Velocity includes the following products:

1. Solid Edge
2. Teamcenter Express
3. Femap
4. CAM Express

Bill started out by reviewing some studies comparing companies. Looking at Top performers, they are:

1. More likely to be using 3D CAD
2. More likely to be accessing CAE tech
3. leveraged NC toolplath creation
4. Using PDM

Industry laggards had up to twice the:

1. Time to market
2. Number of engineering changes
3. Number of physical prototypes

So PLM is a great way to drive innovation and improve competitiveness and reduce cost.

Bill talked about Velocity’s focus on the mid-market which often has:

1. A small IT staff
2. A 3D data explosion
3. Limited resources for new process
4. Need to minimize risk

Velocity products are very much focused on allowing mid-market customers to become “top performers” in their industry. For example, Teamcenter Express is made to be easy to use, easy to install and is preconfigured with industry best practices. Solid Edge Simulation and Femap provide a very robust and saleable set of simulation capabilities. CAM express has great support fo High-speed machinging and 5 axis multi-fuction machines.

Bill also touched on the continued implementation of Synchronous Technology stating at one point that “This technology has legs” and that there is a lot more coming.

P.S. Bill also had a great example of the importance of analysis and analysts… so good it needs its own post. There is more to come.

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