The Solid Edge Ecosystem Comes To Life

By MarkBurhop

I’m  almost a month into my new job as the programs directory for the Velocity Technology Ecosystem.  It’s a fun ride but a bit like trying to compress an amusement park visit into 2 hours!  With a couple hundred partners already, the upcoming ST4 launch, and many good ideas to follow up on, I’m pretty busy.

First of all, I need to thank about 25 or so existing solutions partners and Solid Edge 3rd party developers that have volunteered ideas and advice.  Being driven to do a good job is fine but I still need your input to be sure I address the right things in the right order. I know many of you are very busy and chatting on the phone or sending a long email doesn’t sell more software. I really do appreciate it.

I’ve also got to thank all the folks in my social media network for helping spread the word.  People are always wondering what the business value of social media is. I could now write a case study on this (If I had time in my new job!). Many of my conversations started because of people I know on Twitter. More started because many of my peeps (this is how you talk on twitter) made introductions or mentioned they should get in touch with @burhop (and I didn’t even ask for this).

Now I’m armed with a whole lot of feedback from the community.Customers have recommended partners we should add – and we have some good things happening from this.Some have even talked to these 3rd party companies and recommended they talk with me (whoo hooo!).

Partners have talked to me about some things we can improve – and I’ve got a good list.  For you, I’m planning a regular update so you are more in touch with what we are doing. Stay tuned.  If you can’t wait or just want to talk about what we are doing, call me (or tweet me – DM seems to be the new point of initial contact).

Software developers will also notice I’m hanging out on Jason Newell’s site, If you are a developer doing simple apps to give you a productivity edge or you work on one of our super integrated partner applications,  I’m watching out for you too.We can’t change the world overnight but I’m glad many of you are reaching out to me.

On a final note, I will be headed to COFES in April so those of you that also attend are welcome to hook up with me.  Schedule a meeting if you want.   You never know when the connection might come in handy.

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