The SEMA Automotive Show – LM Series Part 2

By MarkBurhop

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Somehow I ended up at the SEMA event today.  This is one of the largest automotive events around filling huge halls in Las Vegas with piles or automotive coolness. I’m supposed to be working but I can’t go five steps without stopping and taking a picture of some new piece of automotive technology.

As most of you might guess, I’m really here to visit with Local Motors. They have a booth set up in the North Hall right under the 11500 sign.  While the fact their car uses a Corvette engine is cool enough, it really their use of Co-creation in the automotive industry that really fascinates me.  Think “open source” applied to automotive design.

Later today, Local motors will be doing a press event and rumor has it they will mention Siemens and Solid Edge.  So stay tuned…

P.S. The press event is in the South Hall at the SEMA event at 11:00am in case you are here.

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