The News on Local Motors is out… or is it? – LM Series Part 3

By MarkBurhop

So, the news about Local Motors is out… or is it? While Local Motors was sending out their press release (Click here to read a blog post on it) Jay Rogers talked about two main “take aways” at the SEMA Show. First he went through the changes for the 2012 Rally Fighter that came from the community.Betters steering, a new dash, and larger fuel pump are just a few things. This is the big news if you are looking for a 2012 Rally Fighter but since this more of a design blog, we’ll jump to the second point 🙂

Solid Edge being shown in the Local Motors booth at SEMA

On 11/11/11 Local Motors is launching Local Forge, the new face of the Local Motors community. According to Jay, “the Forge” stands for three things.The first is design.You can already go to their web page a see all kinds of fascinating automotive concepts done by industrial designers and design enthusiast.Of course, we all know design is important but to really build a car, you also need a heavy dose of engineering.This is the second thing the Forge stands for and where Siemens PLM starts to fit in. The third thing Local Motors stands for is Fabrication. Having all thse cool designs and engineered products is great but being able to actually fabricate what has been done is a super thing.

Here is where it gets interesting.Local Motors will now be providing tools to the community to better help the members working in all these areas.They have partnered with companies like Siemens PLM Software, Method Race Wheels, Shell (for a new competition) and Snap-On Tools.For the Siemens part Jay wasn’t giving out all the details just yet (you will have to wait for 11/11/11) but I don’t think they will be asking their community members to put out $10000 for a seat of Solid Edge software 🙂 It’s also not just about CAD. Local Motors and Siemens PLM have other goodies we have been working on together.

Karsten Newbury (Siemens PLM) and Jay Rogers (Local Motors) at the SEMA Show

For those of you in the Phoenix area, you might swing by the Local Motors Open house on Tuesday, November 8th.Local Motors will be talking about the Forge as well as giving some demos of the new software.Both myself andSusan Cinadr will be there to along with Solid Edge expert Kurt Pennington.This is also a good chance for Local Motors community members to give us some feedback. We are very excited to be working with you and really hope to provide the tools you need to design, engineer, and fabricate some great cars.

So, come say high on the 8th and watch for more news on 11/11/11 (or as we are saying it internally, one-one-one-one-one-one)!

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