Tecnomatix Update – Advancing Productivity

By Markus Erlmann

This is a guest post from my colleague Tim Egloff about the latest enhancements of Tecnomatix version 9.

With signs of increasing manufacturing activity across the globe, now is the time to capitalize on technology which can assist in validating critical decisions before they become costly errors on the shop floor.

This means improving productivity, visibility and alignment of multiple engineering disciplines even as shorter timeframes add pressure to make these decisions faster. From early planning where manufacturers must determine which components to make or outsource, to detailed work instructions on the shop floor, each discipline has to work in concert to assure the most effective decisions are made.

BOM Filters

The latest enhancements to Tecnomatix version 9 include development of industry-specific workflows which improves planning efficiency with a direct impact on final implementation of production operations. With improved bill of material management, multiple views can be reconciled based on specific attributes which contribute to streamlining workflows between product engineering and manufacturing planning. This connection is critical as errors here can result in over or under production of parts and assemblies as well as increasing work-in-process on the shop floor. This provides a systematic way of validating operational requirements and materials even when parts or sub-assemblies are outsourced.

This set-up to detailed planning for specific operations and activities is further enhanced through new capabilities in our process Gantt chart functionality. As you can see, it provides a graphical interface for the manufacturing planner to layout the dependencies and constraints in a more intuitive way to improve the planning of critical timing and interdependency issues.

Process Gantt Chart

Of course we don’t stop there. Detailed work instructions are a requirement for shop floor operators. Our latest improvements for production documentation include a standard text capability which simplifies creating work instructions through access to libraries of production text & symbols. This helps your organization to propagate standard methods across production. In addition, our 3D PDF solution makes it simple to leverage 3D models and animations for better clarity of complicated assembly procedures.


This is only a short list of the latest enhancements to Tecnomatix digital manufacturing solutions. With recent releases of our Plant Simulation solution and Jack for ergonomics analysis, this release demonstrates the power of how Tecnomatix assists and validates critical decisions before they become errors on the shop floor.

You want to know more? Take a look at the Tecnomatix highlights landing page.

Other new features and updates:

· Jack

· FactoryCAD, FactoryFLOW & In Context Editor

· Plant Simulation

· Quality Management

See some of the new features on Flickr here or learn about the market-leading digital manufacturing solution from Tecnomatix.

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