Tecnomatix Product and Marketing Leads Offer Strategies and Directions on Day 2

Having provided an overview of customer presentations from day 2, it’s time to look inside some of the details behind the solutions.  I’m working on some deeper dives for you but here’s a summary of what we saw in the Tecnomatix sessions.

The opening session started with the latest in product strategy from Ziyon Amram, VP of R&D for the Tecnomatix suite.  Ziyon’s presentation showed our deepening integrations with Teamcenter Manufacturing and how integrated product/production lifecycles deliver smarter decisions for enhancing productivity across the plan and build domains.

We also had an update from Tom Hoffman, Director of Tecnomatix Portfolio Marketing.  Tom provided an interesting look at some of the latest markets opening up to the promise of digital manufacturing technologies and how a focus on industry based workflows connects with our customers and prospects.

Opening the afternoon sessions for Tecnomatix was Uli Rossgoderer, Product Management lead for the Manufacturing Solutions Group.  Uli went through some of the latest and soon to be released enhancements across the assembly and robotics areas.  Showing the explicit value of accommodating industry workflows, Uli talked about tighter integrations to the Teamcenter Requirements solution, new line balancing capabilities, a fully interactive results view of BOM accountability and the latest UI enhancement for Teamcenter Manufacturing called Dynamic Framework, just to name a few.

Andreas Saar, VP of R&D for the Component Manufacturing Solutions was next with an overview of the latest CAM and part planning strategies.  I covered some of this in my post from day 1.

Then we heard from Al Hufstetler, VP of Development for the Quality Planning and Production Validation group.  Al’s presentation covered the complete Quality Management solution area where we deliver lifecycle quality from design through production and back.  There’s a significant differentiator in our closed-loop solution which provides a clear interpretation of production results through a unique integration to the lifecycle data model.  This is a game changer for product and production quality so stay tuned for further details.

Finally, Larry Bemis, Director – Industry Solutions for the Manufacturing Solutions Group , (along with those smart technical guys) closed out the Siemens sessions with a live demonstration of Teamcenter Manufacturing’s integration to MES. This is a significant advancement for shop floor synchronization and feedback for continuous improvement and best practice reuse.  The integrated product/production lifecycle is a reality and we’re showing it here at PLM Connection.

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