TATA, Innovation, and Why To Come to PLM World 2009

By MarkBurhop

I was in India in April working with some colleagues and talking with some customers. The two brand names I remember the most were TATA and the Mumbai Indians logo – cricket is amazing there!

TATA makes some really interesting automobiles. They also provide Consultancy Services through TCS. Prashant Kulkarni from TCS gave an excellent talk about Innovation at Siemens PLM conference. If you see some of the new products coming out like the new $2500 TATA Nano shows they are not just talking.

What I would tell people thinking about coming to PLM World next year is that there are two big reasons to come. Learning about the products and tools is one part. You can gain new insight into the tools you have, understand product direction, check out other products that can help you out (ours and our partners) and see how others are managing their own installations.

The second reason I think you should come are these topics on Innovation. As I mentioned in an early blog, the joint discussion between Microsoft, Intel, and Siemens was great. The talk by TCS complemented this. These higher level talks can be valuable to the future of your products. Innovation can be hard so picking up as many best practices and useful insight can be very valuable.

So next year, come for the tools, stay for the innovation.

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