Synchronous Technology: Eliminating Collaboration Roadblocks

By Christian Kelley

All the buzz this morning seems to be revolving around Synchronous Technology, a recently announced adaptation of approach to the design process. As someone who is not directly familiar with CAD software in general, I had to ask other attendees exactly how this approach would change their jobs.

The sentiment seems to be that in the traditional process, sever roadblocks could be anticipated when collaboration involved engineers with different thought processes. An engineer might make certain assumptions when embarking on this journey, whereas another engineer would approach the problem from a completely different angle.

Synchronous technology allows collaborators to eliminate these roadblocks, solve complex geometry and utilize personalized approaches to a task allowing for a bigger picture approach with less distraction and more ease of use (let’s hear it for drag and drop).

Here’s a demonstration video, in case you missed it. The original demo, along with other demos and videos, can be seen on the Siemens PLM site.

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