Student engineer Sean Webb shares how cool Greenpower and Solid Edge are

By Dora Smith

Sean Webb used Solid Edge to design this electric vehicle

We introduced you to future engineer Sean Webb last month. I got to meet him in real life at the Greenpower Challenge Sunday. Above, Sean prepares Team USA’s driver and car for the start of the race at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

He was a lead engineer in the design of their electric vehicle. When I asked what he thought of being at Goodwood, he said:

“It’s ‘fantastic. It’s really cool…It’s Goodwood Circuit – how cool is that?! Get to fly out here and go on a circuit that so many legends have driven on and get to be a part of a team that gets to be another legend on that track.”

Here’s my video interview with Sean:

Sean has used Solid Edge in the reverse engineering of the Greenpower kit car. He shares more in the video interview.

Sean Webb used Solid Edge in the design of this Greenpower electric vehicle

Here he is talking to teacher and mentor Mike Evans from the Huntsville Center of Technology on the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Sean Webb used Solid Edge to reverse engineer the Team USA electric vehicle

I’ve uploaded some pics from Sunday’s race to this Greenpower Flickr set. Check them out and see the “coolness” that has Sean so excited. Also, there is a good read over on (Alabama): Huntsville’s ‘Team USA’ Wows at UK electric car race, earns spot in finals.


Siemens provides financial support to Greenpower along with engineering mentors. Greenpower teams can download the Solid Edge Formula 24 Kit Car and use the free Solid Edge student edition to design their vehicles.

– Dora


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