Stratasys and Objet to Merge, Siemens PLM to Sponsor Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference (AMUG)

By MarkBurhop

I was all set to talk about Siemens PLM sponsoring the Additive Manufacturing User Group this week, when BAM! Stratasys and Objet decide to merge. Check out the news here.  I got a chance to visit both companies at the Westec manufacturing conference just a few weeks ago.  It is exciting stuff.

We all know 3D Printing is the hot topic in manufacturing today so this makes the Stratasys and Objet news doubly interesting.  A quick survey of just our Solid Edge users shows many of you are using products from companies like Stratasys, Objet, and 3D Systems.

Because of this, Siemens PLM is sponsoring the Additive Manufacturing User Group on April 22. This conference is extremely user focused – I’m told it is people that like to get their hands dirty (not unlike our own Solid Edge University) – and there are experts around every corner.Until recently, it was focused on just a limited set of technologies like stereolithography and laser sintering but has since expanded to all types of additive manufacturing. Those of you working with these technologies should check them out.

Also, we are not just sponsoring.  All these amazing 3D printing machines get their data form some place and we’d like that to be Solid Edge :-)So, this is a good opportunity to talk with AMUG members on what they want to see from 3D design software, discuss with additive manufacturing companies how we can best make our joint customers happy, and bring back useful information to our customers on where the technology is going.  I won’t have a booth but will be walking the floors talking to anyone has an idea, wonders what Solid Edge might do for them, or is willing to help educate me on additive manufacturing.

If you are going to the AMUG either as a member or as a sponsor, look me up or catch me as I roam around.Or reach out to me on twitter and follow me the day of the conference. I’ll try to post the interesting things I learn.

Mark (@burhop on twitter)

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