Still discovering the power (and excitement) of Synchronous Technology

By SusanCinadr

Even we – Siemens PLM Software – are continuously discovering the power that Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology will provide to our customers. At PLM Connections in Orlando, Mark Thompson and Dan Staples showed live demos of the latest release of Solid Edge. Since then, the team is working hard to finish the product for RTM this summer. Through this process, even our own engineers such as Mark are learning and sharing what Synchronous Technology can do. Below is an explanation about the Design with Imported Parts Demo (also available on YouTube) and how to do it faster! While I AM in marketing, Mark is an engineer, the same type of person who will be using Solid Edge on a daily basis. I love the way his excitement shows through with the three exclamation points grin

I have gotten a couple of calls on one of the demos where we read in the “feedingUnitBase.par” as foreign data and then use Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology to manipulate it.  In the demo, we highlight the 2 ribs, then copy and paste them back into the model. We have found a faster way to do this.  Highlight the 2 ribs as shown in the video, but instead of copying and pasting, simply click the copy option on the quickbar after you select them, then select the left secondary knob and just move the ribs to the left into the position you want.  Since you selected copy, it will leave the originals where they are and you do not have to worry about getting them pasted back in correctly.  This is a great way to do this!  I have attached two pictures to show how I did this.



I was reminded of another option to copy the ribs even faster!!!  Another option to copy the ribs is to simply hold down the “CTRL” key before selecting the secondary knob and it will also put you in copy mode.  It just does not get any easier than this.

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