Standard Time Management in Teamcenter

By abhidastidar

You might be surprised to learn that according to estimates 90% of all manufacturing activities are non-value added. Non-value activities for which we know customers are not willing to pay us when we sell our products. Therefore, the idea behind lean manufacturing is to remove, reduce and streamline non-value activities as much as possible so that we can boost profitability.

So imagine the scope for improvements if you know 90% of your manufacturing activities do not add value to the final product.

You can start off by identifying and managing every activity that will be involved in manufacturing the product before you start production. This will certainly give you more visibility to the value added and non-value added activities and allow you to optimize your manufacturing processes more efficiently.

Watch the below video that shows how you can perform standard time management in Teamcenter.

The video also demonstrated the integration between Teamcenter and TiCon®. TiCon is developed by the MTM association, and the software provides work measurement tools to help manufacturers improve operational performance. MTM has standards that describe average time a worker should take to complete certain tasks. The MTM standards are currently used by many leading manufacturers. For example, tasks such as walking and loading parts, installing fixtures, performing maintenance and so on have defined standard times. Manufacturers have used these standard times as guidelines to determine labor costs, cycle time and for overall process management.

With this video you will learn how Teamcenter integration with TiCon will allow you to efficiently reuse the time analysis and optimization already done in TiCon.

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