Some Lessons Learned in Implementing Lean-to-Green Manufacturing in Plants

By SiemensPLM

Hello again from the afternoon sessions of the GMA Manufacturing Excellence Conference. Siemens is pleased to be the title sponsor of this event, there have been some great speakers, panel discussions and engaging questions from the audience. The next session is about to kick off, featuring Amber Brovak and Ellen Iobst from Sunny Delight Beverages, and David Prybytowski from Mars Chocolate North America, sharing their experiences in creating green plants.

Some key ideas:

Sunny D, top down support for the sustainability effort began three years ago. They set up steering teams within each functional effort of the company. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the guide for reporting. Three pillars of sustainability:

Economic, wholesome products, environmental reducing foodprint and Social pillar including donation of product to charity and emphasis for employee wellness.

  • Goals: Reduce water usage electricity carbon footprint and waste to landfill by 25% by2011.

  • All plants are zero waste to landfill, achieved in 2010! 95% recycle, 5% co-generation.

  • Cafeteria scraps are composted.

  • Everyone’s involved, the employees adopted quickly and are excited, including dumpster diving to find recyclables.

Mars, food production has the largest impact on the earth (greater than transportation), Mars is a large producer therefore committed to sustainability.  3 pillars:

  • Sourcing, cocoa sustainability, responsibly sourcing our raw materials, cocoa genome defined and now part of public domain

  • Operations, making sites sustainable

  • Brands, using our brands as catalysts for change and encourage consumer participation in sustainability

Mars sustainability goals,

  • reduce waste carbon and water impact by 25% by 2015

  • zero carbon footprint, zero waste to landfill and zero impact on water quality by 2040.

Some results:

  • Lighting projects reduced carbon dioxide emissions 5,000 tonnes/year with an IRR of 47!

  • TX pant, pipe methane from landfill three miles away, has reduced natural gas usage by 60%.

  • Took individual trash cans away from peoples’ desk, to throw something away you go to the common office recycle area.

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