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Solid Edge Productivity Summit Tour

In the case you have not noticed, The Siemens PLM folks are reaching out to customers trying to support more community and more productivity around Solid Edge. It may look like just words but I can say from the inside that We. Are. Taking. This. Seriously. (heck, even Matt Lombard noticed)

Firstly, we’ve set up 17 enablement sessions across the US aimed at helping you increase productivity, learn about features you might not use today, network with other designers and engineers,  and maybe even meet with new customers.  This is all free but you need to preregister.

Secondly, the Solid Edge team has created a survey for current users and needs your input to help drive the future of the product.  The URL has gone out  in emails, the GTAC forums, and a number of CAD places where Solid Edge folks might be found (Jason Newell posted it to his wiki, Jon Sutcliffe has a story on his page and Susan Cindr linked to it on the Solid Edge Facebook page. Thanks for helping to get the message out!).

Jeff Walker set this up so I got him to answer a few questions about the survey.

Mark: We have not done many survey’s in the past.  What made you do one now?

Jeff:   Siemens PLM Software conducts a variety of surveys, but none that allow us to focus on the specific functionality available in Solid Edge. The survey currently being conducted allows us to better target functional areas of the product that are most important to our customers. Customers have also been requesting other means for providing product input in addition to formally logging Enhancement Requests. Web surveys are an efficient way to do that.

Mark: Are you planning to do more survey’s in the future?

Jeff:Yes. We plan on conducting more surveys such as this in the future.

Mark:  I know you want to get good turnout for this survey.  Why is it important Solid Edge users reply?

Jeff:  The survey results will play an important role in helping us plan future releases of Solid Edge. Participation in the survey is one way that users can ensure that their input is considered. Significant participation will also encourage us to do more surveys in the future.

Jeff also noted that while thissurvey will play a key role in planning for the future,it is not a substitute for logging good quality Enhancement Requests. ER’s are crucial in our planning process and the comingST3 version will satisfy over 2000 customer requests that are a direct result of user initiated ER’s.

So, if you have not replied to the survey, just click this link now.

P.S. And tell a friend.

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