Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Solid Edge Simulation, Mid Plane Surface

By SusanCinadr

This week we’re back to Solid Edge for more Tips and Tricks. @burhop will be happy with this tip…Learn how to extract a mid plane surface in Solid Edge Simulation and use surface elements to simplify analysis.


Save As PDF stops working after installing Adobe Reader.

This problem may occur when Adobe Reader is installed on a machine that contains Solid Edge. It causes the Solid Edge PDF driver to stop working and the user gets an error “File Translation Error”. Here is a complete set of steps to get the Save As PDF working again in Solid Edge:
The simplest fix is to try running PrinterInstaller.exe. If this does not work, further steps are provided. Make sure you have administrator privileges on the machine:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Navigate to [Drive letter]:Program FilesSolid Edge [version]Program. The Program folder is located where you installed Solid Edge in your system.
3. Find the file PrinterInstaller.exe. Double-click to run. It will not ask anything and it will be very fast. The hour glass will flash for a second, so you might think nothing happened, but it did run.
4. Try Save As to PDF in Solid Edge. It should work now. If not, follow the next steps:
5. Create an Command window (Start> Run> cmd)
6. CD to “[Drive letter]:program filesSolid Edge [version]Program”.
7. Execute ‘DriverLocator.exe’ (just type DriverLocator.exe and hit return) Make a note of the path that is returned.
8. Manually copy the following files from source folder to the destination folder as defined below:
Source: [Drive letter]:program filesSolid Edge [version]Printer Drivers
Destination: path returned by ‘DriverLocator.exe’ in step 7.
9. From the Command window used in Step 6, execute ‘PrinterInstaller.exe’ (Make sure you run as administrator on Windows 7 OS)
10. Verify that Velocity Printer 2.0 shows up in ‘Printers and faxes’ on this machine.
11. Try Save As PDF. Should work now. If still having a problem, call the GTAC toll free number and make the appropriate selections.

How do I show item number in the parts list balloon instead of item count?
You can leave the item count off in the parts list properties -> balloon tab prior to the parts list placement: check the box for both item number and item count and uncheck item count and place the parts list.

How can I place dimensions on angled edge?
In synchronous mode, if you want to place a dimension between two parallel edges that are at an angle, you must use the Dimension Between command and set the ‘use dimension axis’.

Can I turn off the steering wheel that appears when a part is selected in Assembly?
Yes, you can. Go to the Dropdown list under the Select Tool and toggle the “Enable Component Select and Move” option at the bottom of the menu.

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks from the Experts can be seen weekly. These short videos illustrate how to better utilize features and functions of the Solid Edge CAD software, ultimately helping you do your job more efficiently.

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