Solid Edge and Keyshot Integration

By MarkBurhop

Click the image to see a full size rendering on Flickr

I’ve been a Keyshot fan for years. Here is a blog post I did three years ago and I remember being impressed with how easy it was to do the images in that post. So, being the “partner guy” today, I’m really happy about the new integration between Keyshot and Solid Edge.

According to the press release, “This is the tightest integration of KeyShot available in the 3D CAD software market”.You can set up your materials (colors, reflectivity, etc.) and have these transfer directly to Keyshot with the click of a button. With updates to your design, you do not lose any of the animations and lighting settings or material setting that you might have set up in Keyshot letting you do more renderings earlier in the design process.Or, just get more done with less work.

Check out this video of a Solid Edge mixer design created with Keyshot, If you want to see the results you might expect, I recommend you also take a look at the Keyshot Gallery here.

For more information, here is the press release.  Keyshot keeps a pretty good blog going and I’m kind partial to the feed of high quality images on their Google+ channel. Click the links to follow.


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