Solid Edge and GrabCAD Collaborate!

By MarkBurhop

 I know many Solid Edge users have been using GrabCAD to show off what you can do, hit a few contests, or find that awesome part that will complete your design.

If you are one of these people, there is good news coming out of Solid Edge University today.  First of all, GrabCAD has created a new way of collaborating on projects called Workbench. This offers a secure and private location to place your designs for online collaboration.This was announced in Apriland was followed up right after that by an announcement from Solid Edge partner Luxion that they have an addin to support this.Easy collaboration! Sounds promising, right? If only my CAD system could do this 🙁

We’ve got you covered. Solid Edge has become the First CAD system to publish directly to GrabCAD.  Click a button… off the file goes to the public library.  Click another button… off your design goes to the new private workbench for collaboration. Useful.  Collaborative.  Easy.

GrabCAD is not done with development on workbench so stay tuned for new functionality and features.You can read about their take on this and future activities on their blog here.

And check out other news on the Solid Edge Ecosystem. It’s a big year for us.

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