SigmaTEK to Siemens PLM – “Yes, we do use lasers”

By MarkBurhop

When I asked our sponsors about using lasers in their product, I didn’t actually expect anyone to say “yes”.  I’m clearly spending too much time with laser pointers in the office and not enough time on the manufacturing floor.

Bob Farrell at SigmaTEK set me straight. They go well beyond driving lasers and can work with an arsenal of technologies.They are also the Jedi Masters of cost savings by getting the most products out of the least amount of material. If you like lasers, want to shape metal with your mind, or just want to save some money in material costs,go see them when you get to Solid Edge University.

Here’s my Q and A with them:

How does your company plan to achieve world domination and how will your products help do this?

World domination… one nest at a time.   SigmaTEK is the world’s leading provider of manufacturing process efficiency software.  Our flagship product, SigmaNEST, is the industry’s leading CAD/CAM nesting software that automatically nests parts in the most efficient and effective manner possible to slash scrap and maximize machine cutting efficiency and time.  SigmaNEST delivers breakthrough levels of productivity and sustained improvements to profitability.

Does your product incorporate lasers?  If not, should it?

Not only does SigmaNEST drive lasers but we also power plasma, waterjet, oxyfuel, punch and router cutting machines!  If you can cut it or punch it we can nest it.

What can a customer do with your product? Who is your ideal customer?

SigmaNEST customers include job shops, steel service centers, OEMs and suppliers of all types and sizes.  SigmaNEST allows fabricators to maximize throughput and significantly reduce material waste.  Many of our customers are realizing material cost savings of 5% and more!  In addition, the software’s flexibility spans cutting machine regardless of type or brand.  This allows our customers to program virtually any machine with a single-source nesting solution.

How can our readers join you in your plan for world domination?

We can be reached on the web at: or via e-mail to:  Of course you can also give us a call: 513-674-0005.

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