Siemens PLM Community Weekly Wrap Up

WrapWe want to make sure you’re not missing any of the great posts from the Siemens PLM Community, so each Friday we’ll highlight some from the last week or two that deserve attention.

We’ll start by showcasing some of the best posts of the last few weeks Find them all here, and let us know what you think!


Which Graphics Card Should I Buy? – This post explores the various differences in graphics cards, and why the OpenGL graphics card is most compatible with CAD/CAM/CAE programs.


Why CAD/CAM Integration Matters – Change is sometimes a good thing, and productivity benefits are one of the many reasons why CAD/CAM integration matters in order to bring things together. Check out this in-depth look at how the two can and should work together. 

 NX Quick Tips – Blend Pocket – One of the videos in the Quick Tips series for NX9, this one discusses the new blending method capability in NX9. Watch John Baker show how to use this new capability in the video. 

NX Quick Tips – Introduction to Realize Shape – NX 9 introduces a new task environment for freeform design that uses fast and intuitive subdivision modeling. Tod Parrella gives a quick introduction to the functionality in this video.

NX Quick Tips – Realize Shape – Putting the tools together into a workflow – Tod’s back with another tip and puts all the tools together to show an automotive workflow in this video.

Essentials for Excellence in Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment Engineering Simulation Webinar – This webinar happening today at 2 pm will reveal how NX CAE’s modern simulation environment can shorten product development cycles.

Solid Edge

Welcome to the Samples for Solid Edge Project – Tips from Jason Newell on how to get a handle on the Solid Edge API using CodePlex.

SEU14: Fix The Downunder Blunder – At the “Design Better Challenge” at previous Solid Edge University conferences there was a competition to see who could model a part and make a change to it in the least amount of time.  Find out more about this year’s challenge, “The Downunder Blunder!”

Tips for Creating Better Renderings – A list of tips & tricks for those struggling with this element of Solid Edge. Check it out here.

How Many Tools Does A CAD Program Need? – This post discusses the various tools for CAD programs, and what is really necessary.

How Do You Deal With Non-CAD Reference Data? – How do Solid Edge users handle this challenge? Find some helpful tips & comments from other users in this article.

Design for 3D Printing – This post explores the 3D printing techniques and options, how they affect manufacturing and the various options that come with it.


Electronic Work Instructions for accurate production and processes – The third video in the “Factories of the Future” series discusses Electronic Work Instruction (EWI), a web based application that provides shop floor workers instant access to the latest information. 

Join the Community to read these article first hand and connect with other users. As always, if you have any questions, leave us a comment!

See you next week with another round up from the Community.



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