Siemens partners with DARPA to enable groundbreaking IC design

By Mike Ellow

I am pleased to announce that the EDA segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software is now the first EDA provider invited to join the DARPA Toolbox Initiative. Recognized worldwide for developing novel, highly innovative military/aerospace applications, DARPA is the United States Department of Defense’s research and development agency responsible for the development of emerging technologies.  

DARPA’s Toolbox Initiative provides the agency’s systems vendors easy, low-cost, scalable access to state-of-the-art tools and intellectual property (IP) under predictable legal terms and streamlined acquisition procedures, with the goal to reduce performer reliance on low-quality, low-cost tools and IP that increase execution risks and complicate post-DARPA transitions.  

Here’s where Siemens EDA enters the picture. Like virtually all major global industries, the defense industry increasingly relies on semiconductors as a critical source of innovation, security, and embedded intelligence. Because highly advanced defense applications increasingly require custom silicon to meet very specific requirements, the time is right for EDA representation in the DARPA Toolbox Initiative, and Siemens EDA software is expected to play a key role.  

Through the Toolbox Initiative, DARPA vendors are granted access to select packages of Siemens EDA tools and technologies throughout the life of their contractual relationship with the agency. This will enable innovative companies to use Siemens EDA tools for the development of advanced analog, digital, and mixed signal ICs, silicon photonic ICs as well as advanced packaging and printed circuit boards targeting bleeding-edge applications. 

Joining the DARPA Toolbox Initiative is the just latest milestone in Siemens’ decades-long role as a trusted supplier of advanced technology to U.S. government agencies, including the supply and integration of a broad range of Siemens products, services and solutions to multiple U.S. agencies and departments across many decades.  

In addition, DARPA’s invitation to join the Toolbox program validates and underscores the rapid growth of the Siemens EDA product portfolio. Thanks to Siemens’ strong commitment to investing in EDA technology leadership, we have expanded our EDA product lineup to now include world-class place-and-route, IC desktop prototyping, IP verification and silicon lifecycle solutions technologies. 

Siemens looks forward to further engaging with DARPA and its Toolbox community to help unleash innovation and enable groundbreaking new IC designs. 

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