Siemens and TASS International: Open Letter to Customers

By Tony Hemmelgarn

To the Siemens PLM Software and TASS International Communities:

We are excited to announce the acquisition of TASS International by Siemens. TASS International is now a part of the Siemens PLM Software business unit, within the Siemens Digital Factory division.

With the addition of TASS International, Siemens is further building upon its Vision 2020 by expanding its unique portfolio for industrial software to shape the Digital Enterprise. Siemens continues to invest in software solutions to link the conceptual to the real, connecting virtual product development and production planning with the real production environment and lifecycle support.

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TASS International adds to Siemens best-in-class automotive offering, with domain expertise, software solutions, and engineering & testing services in the strategic high-growth segments of:

  • Autonomous Driving

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

  • Integrated Safety (active & passive)

  • Tyre Modelling & Testing

Important Automotive Segment:

The acquisition expands our Systems Driven Product Development offering, enhancing our market leading position in the automotive simulation and test segment.

With active safety and advanced driver assistance systems features increasingly becoming the norm in the automotive industry, the compelling trends of connected and autonomous driving vehicles set new requirements for virtual and physical validation and verification.

The increased complexity of the involved mechatronic systems, the interaction with the environment, and the increased liability risks due to a shift of responsibility from driver to system, require an integrated product development approach.

The simulation software of TASS International will be combined with the Simcenter™ portfolio and Mentor Graphics offerings, creating a unique fully integrated solution for design exploration and frontloaded Verification and Validation of ADAS and Autonomous Driving systems.

TASS International further broadens Siemens’ current engineering services offerings into homologations (i.e. process of certifying compliance with regulatory requirements), cooperative mobility, crash testing, tyre testing, vehicle hardware-in-the-loop and integrated vehicle safety.

Siemens PLM Software and TASS International are still early in the process of combining the organizations and evaluating the many ways our two organizations can work together. Siemens has an excellent track record of developing and growing the businesses it acquires and, importantly, retaining the culture that made those companies successful. It will be no different for TASS International. Siemens is committed to retaining the innovative culture that has led to TASS International’s success.

Our top priority is to continue to focus on serving our customers, achieving product development plans, and realizing the market opportunities to accelerate our success together. Customers can be assured that we will continue to deliver the same products and solutions and best-in-class service that you have come to expect.

We are very grateful for your continued support, and we are excited to show you what Siemens and TASS International can deliver as a combined company.

Kind Regards,
Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO, Siemens PLM Software
Jan van den Oetelaar, CEO, TASS International

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