Shaggy, I need a Scooby snack!

I dropped in on Mark Rief and the “what’s new” in CAM Express session. I must have dropped in at the best part because Mark was describing his own personal test of the Synchronous Technology in CAM Express. Short description of his process:

  • Searched online for a sample SolidWorks file where he found a model of Scooby Doo.

  • Opened the file in CAM Express, with the intent to remove the SW initials on the dog tag.

  • CAM geometry tool bar (see red box below) gives access to the most common model editing that an NC Programmer needs, which includes Synchronous Technology.

  • Directly started working on the file, removing SW from Scooby’s tag. I helped Mark out and changed it to SE (in Photoshop) grin

  • At this point, he could have made a mold or machined the 4′, garden-size Scooby directly.

Moral of this Scooby story: Doesn’t matter where the model comes from, CAM Express is the mystery machine!


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